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Sustainability of the governmental public health system is dependent principally on the financial health of state and local public health agencies. This is a challenge since public health programs and services are often provided in fiscally challenging environments (e.g., government revenue declines, budget reductions, economic recessions, unfunded mandates). Effective utilization of resources requires that public health professionals have access to timely, reliable, and uniform data to assess agency and system conditions and to use that information to support decisions. Development of the Public Health Uniform National Data System (PHUND$) responds to that need.

PHUND$ is a web-based public health financial data collection and analysis portal. PHUND$ was created to:

  • Provide public health agencies with the ability to proactively assess their financial and operational performance
  • Aid NACCHO in describing and monitoring the financial health and sustainability of the public health system
  • Promote uniform public health financial management practices
  • Advance practices that promote quality in public health
  • Increase public health agency transparency

Confidentially is a core value of PHUND$ and, as such, data collected in PHUND$ is identifiable only by the reporting agency and NACCHO.

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